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for general inquiries please write an email to you[at]b12.space and someone from our team will get back to you asap! for more specific questions, please refer to the list below:


evangelos poulinas & johannes wieland

founders/artistic direction


for inquiries about our work study and exchange program please write to

gotaute kalmatavičiūtė

performance supervision/work-study supervision



for inquiries about our online presence and social media program please write to

aliyah rachel rainer

social media managing/communication/text editing



for inquiries about our supporting documents program please write to

swarna rautiainen

media coordination



for inquiries about our deep space program please write to

whitney cover / cree barnett williams / niv melamed / hendrik hebben



for inquiries about our outreach program please write to

marion sparber

outreach coordination/text editing



sandra heuchel



jana bäskau



Isabel Aguirre Siemer



bastian arndt

graphics/web development


keren chernizon

b12 videography/editing


carlos collado / manuel meza / tadas almantas

b12 photography


evangelos poulinas

planet b12 management


gundel volker

text editing


juliane steenbeck



bibi bauer / giacomo corvaia / chrysanthi badeka / tadas almantas

video editing


aigars larinovs / cailey campbell

tech support

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