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running from the 9th to the 12th of november 2023

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location: eden***** studios


Winston Reynolds

ferus animi // terra nova


Microbatics & Symbiosis Partnering

In this workshop we will be working on a new and ongoing research into Microbatics & Symbiosis Partnering. These two themes will be split into segments, but remain related as we progress through the days. The acrobatic practice stems from a necessity of developing an approach to the world of inversions in a sustainable and holistic manner and is partially inspired by some earlier setbacks and injury’s in education, which in turn required an adaption and evolution of the practice. It forms the foundation of the work and tries to invite the individual into integrating the acrobatic language seamlessly and precisely into their system. with the eventual aim being the ability of blurring the edges between what separates acrobatics and your personal movement approach. The Symbiosis Partnering places a lens on the dialogue of the physical, cognitive, reactive and adaptive potential of interacting with the other. Here we use various approaches and scenarios of partnering to develop tools for learning, exploring and furthering our understanding of the body both in relation to the other and as an individual. By leveraging both theses themes, we invite you into the deepest and most intimate part of the practice. Due to the ongoing covid scenario the workshop will stay adaptive to whichever measures and precautions are in place during the time of the worksop.

please be aware of our early bird special offer for this workshop! you can apply for this offer up until the 15th of september 2023. after the 15th the regular workshop fee applies. applications are accepted up until one day before the workshops starts.

Winston Reynolds graduated from Circomedia, specialising in acrobatics & physical theatre (FDA, 2010-2012). And later went on to complete his Bachelor at ACAPA, Academy of Circus and Performance Art, Netherlands, 2012-2016. Within his research he specialised in acrobatic dance, a hybrid mix containing elements from gymnastics, capoeira, breakdancing and martial arts as well as undergoing several years of research around acrobatic contact partnering. Within his practice he was mentored and performed Red Haired Men, 2019-2020, with Alexander Vantournhout, who helped to refine and develop his journey into his movement practice. Alongside his development as a movement artist, he has an ongoing dialogue and study with Martin Kilvady, Tomislav English, Marcelo Palozzo and Alexandra Myriam Rosser. Winston currently leads workshops and develops distant learning programs globally and continues to develop and refine his craft both independently and collaboratively as teacher, creator, performer, animal study specialist, and digital creator. Winston is a member of the Ferus Animi // Terra Nova Collective, a group of cross disciplinary craftspersons researching in the fields of human physiology and performance, through both an artistic and scientific lens.



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