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Oleg Stepanov

dancer at tanztheater wuppertal pina bausch | former dancer at gothenburg dance company


past, present and future of the body / choreographic study

it’s trite to note that our bodies undergo changes, external conditions force the organism to adapt both to factors that are objectively independent of them and subjectively created stimulus. I see the body as an archive and a blank sheet simultaneously. in a non-linear way, it assembles, manifests from inside out a mosaic of past experiences, beliefs, present needs and future potentialities. each modification of the cells is articulated in the body and an ever-changing mechanism is obtained. the body is a vessel in which new experiences are layered on old ones, acquiring unique features. and sometimes this metamorphosis isn't in our full subjective understanding, as if it has the same mystery and incomprehensibility that the objective world around us have. there’s so much unknown in the body, and language only sets limits on what the body is. can I rebuild this mechanism, reformat what’s already formed. and if I assemble a new sequence, or change the original „code“, will I be able to rewrite my history and possibly separate from it, or will I be able to choose a different future? what if time is just a construct, and body is simply transitioning from one version to another, or is an ocean of currents in which certain features drift between the bottom and the surface. I propose playfully but methodically look at these ideas, and try to order the chaos, exhaust the possibilities and let the body manifest itself through the movement content, composition and space architecture.

some workshops offer group improvisation or partnering. these workshops elements may or may not be possible and the teachers and choreographers will modify their workshops accordingly in line with the health and safety measures required at the time. please stay flexible. thank you!

oleg is a dance artist and choreographer. born in russia, he graduated from the department of physics at ural state university. he began his dance career at the age of 23. as a dancer, he received and developed his skills at various workshops. he danced and created pieces in the leading companies of contemporary dance in russia. for 3 years he danced in gothenburg dance company. since 2016, he has been a dancer in tanztheater wuppertal pina bausch. he has collaborated in original creations with such choreographers/directors as dimitris papaioannou, saburo teshigawara, sidi larbi cherkaoui, alan lucien oyen, richard siegal, constanza macras, uri ivgi & johan greben, anton lachky and others. oleg actively creates independently and in collaboration with other artists. his choreographic language and method is based on the observation of the body in space and space in the body. in particular, oleg sees the movement as a synthesis between the architecture and biomechanics of the body and a sensitive and sensorial inner journey. in his creative work, it’s important for oleg to assume and envision that the body is endowed with qualities of the subject and the object simultaneously, and that it exists in spacetime among pure potentialities and multitude of choices.


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