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research or die.

running from the 9th to the 12th of november 2023

welcome to b12 fall

rising will power


this year, we are bringing you another brand new 4-day satellite program, b12 fall, which will be running from the 9th to 12th of november 2023, following b12 spring and our flagship b12 summer festival. another opportunity to come together, and another week jam-packed with workshops, performances and events. these three festivals are happening in person and on site here in berlin, at the studios and theatres, with all of the participants, teachers and choreographers. this is going to be a year like never before, and you are invited to be a part of it all!


we hope to see you at b12 spring (the other new b12 satellite program!), b12 summer and b12 fall, where you will have the opportunity to dance alongside, and learn from, an amazing selection of inspiring teachers, artists and choreographers, who are coming together to share their passion and knowledge with you and your fellow students in a light flooded and nature surrounded studio environment.


thank you for supporting us throughout these times of the pandemic, and for staying connected with us online and on planet b12. many of you have participated in the open and free research workshops, screenings, and discussions. we continue to plan more online events throughout the year, surrounding the three b12 festivals of 2023.


b12 is committed to contemporary dance and performance art and supports the unconventional. it is dedicated to supporting artists who take physical and emotional risks on stage and in the rehearsal process - supporting different ways of working and approaches.


we are excited to host performances for our audiences again this year, and have already planned it for the fall as well. buckle up and get ready for three seasons on full blast! more information for b12 fall will come after b12 summer.


we welcome you and your force back to b12.

we are you.

b12 and the world


b12 has been committed to consciousness and sustainability ever since we started. here is what we do, and what you can do, to ensure that our actions are effective and have a positive impact on the environment:


b12 is part of a donation program to plant trees around the world - this year we will again will match the number of participants at b12 spring, summer and fall with trees: b12 is donating one tree for each participant that comes to berlin! we have chosen four locations to dedicate our support - haiti, nepal, uganda, and madagascar. you can see what we were able to do last year by clicking this link. please follow more on the projects here:







we are hopeful and want to contribute to a sustainable world. if you like the idea of reforestation please consider donating as well.


we promote a plastic-free environment here at b12, asking everybody not to use or bring single-use plastic bottles, plastic cutlery, or plastic dishes. at the venue, you can find a cafe with vegetarian food and drinks - with sustainable tableware, as well as very good tap water to fill up your reusable water bottle.


when traveling from another country to b12, please consider going by train instead of a plane. when traveling within berlin, please consider using a bike or taking public transport.


we are bringing artists from all over the world in a specific time frame to b12 and we aim to minimize the number of flights for each teacher as much as possible. i.e. we bring one teacher to many participants instead of the other way around - saving a lot of energy and kerosine.


we decreased our printed promotional material for b12 to only two items! everything else is shared online. we are also working in a mobile office, sharing resources as much as we can.


we hold our main, four week long lasting festival in the summer, having literally no heating emissions and using very little electricity, trying to make use of daylight as much as possible.

we offer an online format called “planet b12” throughout the year, connecting you with your favorite teachers and artists, while saving on travel, accommodation and energy.


we produce only fair trade and eco-friendly t-shirts and hoodies for our participants and teachers!


we are open to suggestions on how b12 can have a greater impact on helping the environment each year, so if you have any ideas on how we can be more sustainable, please let us know!

dear amazing people,

we all were not prepared to see the war break out with all of the terror unfolding in the ukraine, inflicted by putin, but we are standing strong with the ukraine and the ukrainian people. believing in non-violent conflict solutions and condemning war and its originators, we ask to stop this unnecessary war!


consequently b12 wants to help and support ukrainians. donating money is one thing that we have done, but we would also like to give dancers from the ukraine, who recently had to flee due to the war, an opportunity. an opportunity to feel welcomed here in berlin and gain back a fraction of normality in their lives by joining b12 workshops, free of charge.


b12 fall is happening from the 9th - 12th of november 2023.


we have given and will give away many workshop spots to ukrainians for b12 spring, b12 summer and b12 fall, free of charge. right now we only accept applications for the b12 spring scholarships. please go to our b12 spring site and find the details there! closer to b12 summer we will also open the application for the scholarships for july. and after that we will open everything up for b12 fall.

looking forward to having you here at the b12 family.


we are you!


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