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running from the 12th of may to the 3rd of august 2025

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akira yoshida



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Concept: I envision a world steeped in contradictions, where inhabitants grapple with weariness, filth, and a pervasive sense of isolation, despite their shared spaces. These are individuals abandoned by purpose, adrift without direction yet devoid of questioning. They traverse aimlessly, burdened by possessions they can't connect with. Gradually, their identities emerge, stirring forgotten memories and resurrecting their true selves.


About the process: I like to distinguish between two realms: the physical and the creative. To me, they intertwine, each influencing the other. The more diverse qualities, textures, and physical elements we explore, the richer our creative palette becomes, allowing for a broader spectrum of distinct characters with unique identities. We'll delve into various qualities, systems, and imagery, initially focusing on bodily exploration and theatricality, as I do in conventional workshops. As we familiarize ourselves with one another, we'll begin shaping characters, contexts, and scenarios that will define our collective creation. When it comes to creation, it's never solely my piece; it's ours. Collaboration is key, fostering a dynamic of communication and misunderstanding. As I introduce tasks and ideas, it's vital that they resonate with your understanding, even if they lead to misconceptions. This process serves as a bridge between my world and yours, where we converge in the interplay of identities, creations, and propositions.

akira is a dancer who, after his beginnings with breaking, has dedicated himself to contemporary dance and performing arts. after receiving the main artistic scholarship from navarra, he completed his artistic training at the sead (salzburg experimental academy of dance). he has worked with the companies peeping tom, lali ayguadé company, yoann bourgeois, hungry sharks, physical momentum, roberto oliván performing arts, ceren orán, quieroteatro, etc. akira also has other projects, such as virgil abloh's latest fashion show by louis vuitton, and the new commercials by j.o.t.t. and polaroid. as a creative, he created his own solos home, burial of the bark, and oroimen, and, together with lali ayguadé, created the duets together to get there, and gizaki (a duet nominated for the premis de la critica and premis butaca awards. this duet was also made into a short film that was nominated for the rever awards), and hito with chey jurado (audience award in masdanza and 3 awards in paso a 2). akira has also choreographed where nowehere ends elsewhere for uma, what shall we do? for b12, dreaming nowhere for cobosmika, and he worked as choreography assistant to lali ayguadé in the creation of sublimation for the korean national company of contemporary dance and shelter for the verve company. he has also worked on the short film, the echo of time, by natalia de miguel&asier altuna. he currently combines touring his own work with tours with other companies and workshops around the world at festivals such as deltebredansa, b12, kalamata international dance festival, flip helsinki, portugal summer intensive, etc.