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running from the 12th of may to the 3rd of august 2025

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Evangelos Poulinas



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improvisation technique



let's find the most efficient way of performing a demanding movement sequence. by analysing the movement itself, the physical forces, and the anatomical characteristics of our bodies, we will explore ways to maximise our performance by combining the given possibilities and have them work to our advantage. we will use the force of gravity to ground us, to support us, to allow us to take risks and to push our limits, in order to finally escape gravity. by utilising our potential in the highest degree, we will evolve and discover new facets of ourselves.

evangelos poulinas is a lecturer at the anton bruckner private university in linz. he received his bfa from the aristotle university of thessaloniki, a diploma from the state school of dance in athens and his mfa from the tisch school of the arts in new york. his choreography has been shown in the usa, europe and asia, and his piece alternative bodies has been performed in germany, greece, france, italy, spain, the netherlands, switzerland, macau and china. he has danced in pieces by j. wieland, m. doyle and w. vandekeybus and was the director of the annual one small step festival in greece from 2010 to 2018. evangelos teaches contemporary techniques in europe, the us and asia and has received scholarships from the alexandros s. onassis public benefit foundation, new york university, a greek state scholarship and a danceweb europe scholarship. he is a founding member and artistic director of the annual b12 festival for contemporary dance and performance art in berlin. (www.b12.space)