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running from the 12th of may to the 3rd of august 2025

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marion sparber & alan fuentes guerra

founder of shared levetation<



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shared levitation partnering



learning set material technique



Shared Levitation Partnering focuses on an organic way of partnering, based on action/reaction principles inspired by Contact Improvisation, fighting styles, acrobatic dance, acro-yoga as well as social dances such as Salsa and Tango. We like to access the movement from a perspective of a deeper connection and try to avoid the superficial habit of copying shapes. Instead, we motivate every couple to find a unique way of communicating with the partner and look for individual solutions and variations of the material. Another important aspect of the class is the constant change of the level of activity for both roles. We learn how much resistance, power and direction is needed to reach our maximum together by investigating with the given tools. We spent the first part of the workshop with this technical aspects as well as games and finally in the second part of the workshop we will be learning fixed partnering material. This workshop is thought to help experienced dancers in their process as movers as well as in the creation of partnering-choreography. It aims to inspire to use dancing with a partner as a tool for communication in class and on stage.



like all b12 mavericks classes, this class is designed for:


- dance and movement artists

- artists from performative fields

- movers with backgrounds like acrobatics, martial arts, acroyoga

- hand to hand and contact-improvisation!

- students in the final year of their education from these practices



originally from italy, marion received her professional dance training at varium and iwanson school. since 2014, marion has received funding as a choreographer to create and develop her own work. many of marion's choreographies are a playful connection of highly physical dance, dance-theatre, live-music, as well as photo and video installations. her work has been performed at several international theatres, site specifics, and dance and circusfestivals in europe, south and north america, as well as in asia, including lurupina festival, zeit für zirkus, b12 and deltebre dansa. she recently premiered her piece, stilles ich, for the tanzcompagnie volkstheater rostock. marion has collaborated as a dancer with choreographers francisco córdova, stella zannou, sonia rodriguez and adn-dialect. as a teacher, she has been working in several dance-companies, schools and festivals around the world, enjoying the inspiration she gets from the exchange of ideas at b12 festival, deltebre dansa, circuit-est, atlas festival, tanzcompagnie rostock, staatstheater braunschweig, stadttheater gießen and bielefeld, unusual symptoms, toula limnaios company, of curious nature, diavolo company, cdnc angers, vim vigor, riga on, camp in, the playground ny, kinissis festival, performact, pera, marameo, tanzfabrik, sozo, tanzfaktur, tanzhaus zürich, tanzbüro basel, igtz, tanzwerk, goa contact festival, kunsthumaniora antwerp, do festival, la macchine, iwanson, cdsh, tierras en danza, descalzinha, a.o.


partner biography

the mexican choreographer, dancer and teacher received his education in dance at the academy sead salzburg, austria, studying at the post-graduate program, bodhi project, and at the epdm in mazatlán, mexico, receiving his bachelor in contemporary dance. since 2017, alan has been based in berlin and is researching improvisation and theatre, showing a strong connection between physical dance and movement. after graduating, he gathered performing experience from several choreographers and companies, such as karolin stächele, marion sparber, ralf jarochinsky, christine gouzelis, sita ostheimer, etienne gilloteau, stephanie felber, cecilia lugo, francisco córdova and miguel mancillas. as choreographer, alan created several pieces alone, and in collaboration with marion sparber, with performances in several festivals and venues across europe, asia and the americas. alan has taught his contemporary class espaciocontinuo and shared levitation partnering, together with marion, in several companies, schools and festivals all over the world: b12 festival, deltebre dansa, marameo, cyrkulacje festival, rozbark en motion, sfera ruchu, descalzinha danza, profitraining freiburg, tanzfaktur, tanzcompagnie rostock and stadttheater bielefeld, performact, tanzahoi, aorca summer intensive, arnhemse meisjes, sozo vision in motion, goa contact festival, play practice artist residency, flow movement, diavolo company, athletic playground, la cantera, encuentros mutantes, camp in, and nómada festival.