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running from the 12th of may to the 3rd of august 2025

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Scott Jennings



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The theatrical body



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inspired by a range of forms and practices, the bulk of my work is rooted somewhere between dance and theatre. I am to inspire creativity through noticing, questioning, acting and reacting. I believe that dance and theatre really become whole when exploring what it means to be human. I often use games, tasks, scenarios and improvisations to access and enhance the way we communicate and understand each other. I try to bring the mundane, or the everyday gesture, into conversation with the dramatic and the abstract. I hope to bring a sense of child-like fascination, sensitivity and possibility to the world around us. Sessions are lead with a clear structure, but I am heavily inspired by the individuals that are sharing the space with me.

Born in England in 1988, Scott found a love for the arts at a young age. He spent much of his childhood doing magic tricks and dancing in local theatres. He began his training in dance and theatre at The BRIT School (2002-06), and then went onto study at London Contemporary Dance School, graduating in 2009 with a first-class degree in Contemporary Dance. Scott has worked extensively as a performer with some of the world’s leading dance and theatre makers, including Alexandra Waierstall, Maxine Doyle, Lloyd Newson, Robert Wilson and Alan Lucien Øyen, to name a few. He spent six years as a member of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, performing Bausch’s eclectic repertoire worldwide and creating original roles in two new works for the company. Scott currently works as a freelance performer, creator and teacher.