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b12 |||||||||||||| we are you and we will be much more |||||||||||||| 


b12 will announce all performing and presenting artists/companies and the respective places/dates/times in may 2020.


please find details for tickets for all shows at b12 in the menu under performances/tickets or prices/tickets.


b12 brings you companies and guest artists who will present their work here at the festival. we like the idea of exhibiting pieces of theirs, allowing you to gain a different perspective on the work of the artists whose workshops you take.


this performance project format praises architectural authority and gives you the shock of the new. we teamed up with the latest hybrid art space, trauma bar und kino, to inaugurate this fusion of talent and space. see synergies unleashing and experience a site-specific performance created by otherworldly minds.


there will be an afterparty connected to this event!




thought you were just going home to relax after your workshops? think again! on select days we will give you the opportunity to witness your teachers perform their pieces themselves in exclusive studio showings! worlds collide as b12 presents up to three choreographers and their imaginative creative forces in one night.


this special workshop setting gives dancers the opportunity to have an in-depth experience with one choreographer, working on an idea and presenting it in a performance setting. each performance project is limited to around 17 people and spans over 13 days. the pieces will be presented three times at dock 11, a black box theater in the center of berlin.