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dear dance and performance enthusiasts,


here you find all details of the performances, showings, and panel discussions.

performances, studio showings, and panel discussions are open for everybody who would like to see them - we invite audiences from all walks of life to come and explore what we have to offer!


live performances

our live performance formats sungrazers and asteroids are happening at the dock 11 theater in berlin. you can order your tickets only here.
our studio showings critical mass and our newest format, the panel discussion deep space, are taking place at eden***** studios. these events are always free of charge and entry is given on a first come first serve basis.


online streaming


we are also facilitating online streaming for almost all the performances and studio showings.


panel discussions are usually recorded and put online within 48 hours.


watching showings and panel discussions online is free of charge. we will publish the streaming links and regular links for all studio showings and panel discussions on our website, in our newsletter, and on social media.


to see performances through online streaming you need to buy tickets by clicking on the paypal button (next to the specific performance) on our website (in the menu under performances) until three hours before the event. each performance has its own paypal button. the streaming link will be sent to you by email (to the mail account you used for paypal) one hour before the performance.

we hope we have sparked your interest and are looking forward to welcoming you!



ticket prices


all shows:



15 euro


b12 participants / special ability / students / seniors

10 euro



all online streaming performances


10 euro flat rate



tickets are non-refundable.

b12 brings you companies and guest artists who will present their work here at the festival. we like the idea of exhibiting pieces of theirs, allowing the workshop participants to gain a different perspective on their work and introduce them to berlin audiences.

this special workshop setting gives dancers the opportunity to have an in-depth experience with one choreographer, working on an idea and presenting it in a performance setting. each performance project is limited to around 12 participants and spans over 13 days. the pieces will be presented three times at dock 11, a black box theater in the center of berlin.


thought you were just going home to relax after your workshops? think again! on select days we will give you and berlin audiences the opportunity to witness your teachers perform in their own pieces in exclusive late-night studio showings! worlds collide as b12 presents up to three choreographers and their imaginative creative forces in one night. there will be special discussions after some of the critical mass shows, so don't miss out!

our newest format: come, listen and discuss with invited artists who are teaching and performing at b12, together with theorists across disciplines who share their thoughts on this year's topic of intersectionality. we are organizing a series of moderated panel discussions targeting this topic in relation to the following questions for the artists: what is the definition of yourself and how does it influence the artistic work you create? as we hear from the artists, we'll also be getting some background information on a scientific level from the theorists.

film screening