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sungrazers / invited artists

b12 brings you companies and guest artists who will present their work here at the festival. we like the idea of exhibiting pieces of theirs, allowing the workshop participants to gain a different perspective on their work and introduce them to berlin audiences.

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b12 spring


Johannes Wieland



a piece by johannes wieland // with cree barnett williams and gotautė kalmatavičiūtė // set design by momme röhrbein


there will be regimes and chaos
there will be heritage and godlessness
there will be destruction and order
there will be flamingos and shamans
there will be more destruction and more order
there will be heydays and pitfalls
there will be sticks and stones
there will be you
there will be me


"zentralmassiv" is a mind eraser l johannes wieland production


the project is funded by the hessian ministry for science and art
with the kind support of the cultural office of the city of kassel
with the support of dock art.



tickets are available here.

conceived in Lisbon and born in berlin, johannes wieland earned his bfa at the amsterdam university of the arts, and worked thereupon in various companies with an extensive array of choreographers. after performing with the béjart ballet lausanne, he relocated to new york city, where he received his mfa in contemporary dance and choreography at nyu / tisch school of the arts. while running the company 'johannes wieland' in new york, he built from scratch what, for 15 years, has been known as the contemporary dance company at the staatstheater of kassel, germany, holding positions as a resident choreographer, artistic director and director of the dance department. his continued cinematic interest led him to making movies and he continues to create multi-disciplinary work through his berlin company mind eraser/johannes wieland. aside from being commissioned and teaching for companies and universities, his critically acclaimed pieces have been invited to tour internationally to festivals and events. johannes is also directing and curating b12 - the festival for contemporary dance and performance art (www.b12.space), which runs annually in berlin. he is a 1st prize winner of the kurt jooss prize, and has been awarded numerous other prizes, recognitions, scholarships, and grants. johannes was a nominee for the german theater prize der faust in 2016 for his creation you will be removed. he works on non-categorizing art. www.minderaser.johanneswieland.org




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