b12 stands with ukraine! (read more)


research or die.


research or die.


the following 6-day research workshops are held by incredibly dedicated choreographers and teachers who come to b12 to share their knowledge and passion with you. every year we learn from your feedback and are very encouraged by the ongoing support and enthusiasm that we receive!


when selecting the workshops, you can mix and match and apply for the ones which work best for you. please check our website regularly, as we might be adding more workshops and formats over time - and be aware of our early bird and price reduction options. there is also a scholarship program available; you can find more details about this in our faq section!

6 day research

Kenan Dinkelmann

Laja Field

Tamara Gvozdenovic

Tom Weinberger

Victor Rottier

b12 stands with ukraine!


dear amazing people,

we all were not prepared to see the war break out with all of the terror unfolding in the ukraine, inflicted by putin, but we are standing strong with the ukraine and the ukrainian people. believing in non-violent conflict solutions and condemning war and its originators, we ask to stop this unnecessary war!


consequently b12 wants to help and support ukrainians. donating money is one thing that we have done, but we would also like to give dancers from the ukraine, who recently had to flee due to the war, an opportunity. an opportunity to feel welcomed here in berlin and gain back a fraction of normality in their lives by joining b12 spring, free of charge: we are giving one 6-day workshop to every dancer from the ukraine who had to leave their home country due to the terrible circumstances that they have had to face.


b12 spring is happening from the 18th - 23rd of april 2022.


ukrainian dancers who have recently come to berlin need only to send us a copy of their passport and their preference of workshop that they would like to take to you@b12.space. for an overview of workshops, please visit https://b12.space/spring/welcome


we are giving away as many spots as we possibly can and are asking you to spread the word.

looking forward to having you here at the b12 family.


we are you!


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