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summer main event

research or die.

b12 summer main event


location: eden***** studios


Fabian Thomé

dancer, choreographer and director of full time company


flowing connection

We will start by awakening the body with breathing exercises, working from the joints towards the movement, with a scale of 0 to 10, to be able to flow and unify the breath with the movement in a natural way. We will continue investigating and looking for different ways of using the floor, working on different qualities of movement, dynamics, space... to know the limits of the body and to be able to express actions reaching different states. In a second part, we will work mainly on contact and improvisation, with a defined concept to be able to investigate and develop other interpretive facets such as voice, theatricality, body sounds and different states. All this process will serve to create a space of sensations, with connection as the central, main objective of the work.

some workshops offer group improvisation or partnering. these workshops elements may or may not be possible and the teachers and choreographers will modify their workshops accordingly in line with the health and safety measures required at the time. please stay flexible. thank you!

Fabian graduated from the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in Madrid in 2004, and continued his career as part of the best companies in the country and worked with the foremost masters of Spanish and flamenco dance, such as Joaquín Cortés, Rafael Amargo and many others. Since 2013, he decided to enrich and develop his skills, mainly in contemporary, working with several choreographers as Sharon Fridman or Carlos Fernandez Fuentes. Fabian Thomé is a dancer, choreographer and teacher whose choreographic work has been acknowledged with 1st Prize for Choreography DUO MOI-JE at the 33º edition of CERTAMEN COREOGRAFIco DE MADRID 2019, AND the Prize for Best Interpretation with solo at the Burgos-New York International Choreography Contest 2014. His work has been invited to several festivals, such as Mas Danza (Canarias Island), Madrid, italia, France,Festival Zinegoak (Bilbao), Tel Aviv.  From June 2015 until now, he works with the company Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Eatsman Production) as dancer and teacher. In 2014, driven by the motivation to assert his own style, he decided to form his own company, Full time Company, where he has created different productions until now. ft Company aims to share dance and performing arts based on a common bond that is generated through connection, listening and contact. These 3 main perspectives create a state; transforming our emotions into movements, sounds, words and architecture.



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