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b12 summer main event


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Lucía Toker


The curve

Exhaustive practice for development and empowerment of movement capabilities. We submerge ourselves in the internal work of perception and full attention to enter from this state into specific movement mechanics and land with new tools in the field of exploration. The curve was conceived as a basic principle that we will seek to experience at all levels and develop in complexity. The habilitation of one of the most important curves, the arch, will open the door to different soft acrobatic situations, all of them approached from the integration of notions from neuromotricity, functionality, and biomechanics. Various technical elements will be shared in-depth, including specific work on the floor, movement patterns, and especially we will study the use of dynamic supports and the generation of momentum to create fluid and organic transitions at all levels and axis. We seek to place our mental state in laboratory mode to experience a very specific methodology of exploration to integrate, transform and test the given material. We aim to build a global body with possibilities, a system available to discover and ready to solve.

some workshops offer group improvisation or partnering. these workshops elements may or may not be possible and the teachers and choreographers will modify their workshops accordingly in line with the health and safety measures required at the time. please stay flexible. thank you!

Lucía Toker is a dancer and acrobat, dedicated to movement research and pedagogy. She has been teaching for more than 13 years and, in recent ones, she has been focussing on the development of an organic acrobatics methodology and its integration in general movement. Originally from Buenos Aires, Lucia works regularly giving classes in Professional Dance Programs, Workshops and Seminars throughout Argentina and Europe. Her training started from a really young age and crossed through different disciplines and techniques, such as gymnastics, floor acrobatics, tango, flamenco, contemporary dance, improvisation, rehabilitation techniques, physical therapies, physical training and theoretical studies related to the human body. She participated in the residency Bows & Arrows 2018, in Italy, invited by Tom Weksler, with whom she thereafter performed a Mentorship Program. As a performer, she worked several years dedicated to scenic creation. In the last few years, she decided to dedicated exclusively to research and teaching. Some of her latest works are Collision, developed in the artistic residency CIRCO FUTURO, together with the group OM in Fortaleza, Brazil, July 2019. Lo que queda and Mar Arriba, both solo pieces, developed in co-production with Paz Ladrón de Guevara, were performed in different Festivals and theatres in Buenos Aires.



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