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b12 summer main event


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Tina afiyan-english & Tomislav Afiyan-English

ferus animi // terra nova


introduction to ferus animi // terra nova

we will aim to share the fundamental principles of our research into neuroscience, cognitive psychology, evolutionary physiology, functional biomechanics, motor learning, pedagogy and philosophy. we will be doing this through exploring the only lens we truly have at our disposal: our own conscious experience in response to varied and novel stimuli. the work will be physical and demanding, but adaptable to all levels. the theory will be discussed in accessible and digestible ways for all levels of prior understanding. principles we will aim to cover include: neuroplastic principles of the human brain; the role of failure in motor learning and skill acquisition; hebbian theory and parasitic neuromuscular activation; the role of visualisation in motor performance; chronotype, circadian rhythm and the state scale of the autonomic nervous system; the reward network: evolutionary friend / modern foe?; the myth of stillness: tensegrity, biomechanics and dynamic equilibrium; burch's 4 stages of learning; conscious frames of experience: the t.i.m.e.s.i acronym, and anything else we have time for. please don't hesitate to contact us through b12 or on info@ferus-animi-terra-nova.org if you have any questions on accessibility.

some workshops offer group improvisation or partnering. these workshops elements may or may not be possible and the teachers and choreographers will modify their workshops accordingly in line with the health and safety measures required at the time. please stay flexible. thank you!

tina is a performer, movement director and teacher of armenian descent, based in the czech republic and the uk. she is a founding member of the ferus animi//terra nova collective. artistically, she has collaborated with directors and companies including alexander vantournhout/not standing, roberto olivan dance company, thomas ryckewaert, juliane von crailsheim, cie willi dorner, milan tomášik & co, and cirk la putyka. as an independent choreographer, she has created award winning work for dance, theatre and circus, and for film has worked with artists including paul thomas anderson, thom yorke, damien jalet, laurent delforge, simon riechel, ran li, and the movement departments of warner brothers studios & universal pictures. tina's personal practice is informed by her time as a student at p.a.r.t.s. in brussels, the duncan conservatory in prague, the adishakti laboratory for theatre art research/kalarigram yogishananda peetham in tamil nadu, india, and at oxford mindfulness centre, in addition to research under the teachings of coral ortega, salva sanchez, julyen hamilton, crysa parkinson, hannes langolf, lloyd newson, cameron shayne, guilherme arashiro, linda kapentanea & jozef frucek, and david zambrano. she has taught at institutions and studios including p.a.r.t.s., london contemporary dance school, hamu academy in prague, menagerie de verre paris, the peridance capezio centre in new york, henny jurriens studio in amsterdam and the oxford school of drama.


tom is a lecturer, performing artist, movement specialist and dance scientist. he is a founding member of ferus animi//terra nova. he trained at the rambert school of ballet and contemporary dance (foundation degree), london contemporary dance school (bachelor of arts with honours), the oxford school of drama (postgraduate diploma), trinity laban conservatoire of music and dance (master of science), and barca universitas (certificate in neurobiology and sports performance/certificate in neuroscience and training). his personal practice is informed by ongoing research under the teachings of master tae yong lee, moshé feldenkrais, jon kabat-zinn, kristin linklater, wim hof, cameron shayne, professor gui arashiro, mestre itamar, david zambrano, bruno caverna, linda kapetanea & jozef frucek, ido portal and the writings of shunryū suzuki, yoshi oïda and 'neuroplastician' norman doidge, in addition to ongoing scientific research through the university of oxford (department for continuing education/department of psychiatry/oxford mindfulness centre). he has presented research at institutions including p.a.r.t.s., the uk conservatoires (rambert/lcds/nscd/laban), the peridance capezio centre new york and the european school of osteopathy. he is a member of faculty at the oxford school of drama, lecturing on performance psychology/physiology and movement studies, and regularly works as a movement specialist and consultant for warner brothers, working title film, and universal studios.


ferus animi // terra nova

Ferus Animi // Terra Nova is a movement research collective based in Europe. Our aim is to share the most up-to-date research from a host of scientific and artistic disciplines, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, evolutionary physiology, functional biomechanics, pedagogy and philosophy, in a relevant and accessible way, to enrich the practices of our students and collaborators.



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