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summer | main event
running from the 1st to the 30th of july 2023

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b12 summer main event


location: eden***** studios


Zoe Gyssler


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the villager

The villager is a research project that explores storytelling body languages and fictional character creation under the veil of Transgenerational trauma. One part of the workshop will consist of my movement research, in which we aim for a dissociative body: we will dismember a body into its pieces by using isolations, giving every cell its own brain, and be taken by internal and external forces, including others. Through these elements, we will explore how to disconnect body from state of mind, and how to add theatrical elements to then create a multilayered, storytelling body. The second part of the workshop will bring you into the world of the village and its inhabitants, who seem to only exist as ghosts in the memory of the spectator. With given fictional biographies, I will guide you through your own individual character research. Alone, and with a partner, you will work with text, movement and theatrical situations. Because we are mainly working with our bodies, we can automatically get in touch with personal emotions. This workshop is for people who are interested in accessing deep emotions through imagination, who are fine with touching on personal experiences, and those who are interested in detailed movement research.

please be aware of our early bird special offer for this workshop! you can apply for this offer up until the 24th of march 2023. after the 24th the regular workshop fee applies. applications are accepted up until one day before the workshops starts.

Zoe Gyssler is a freelance dancer, performer, and choreographer, based between Berlin, Basel and Mallorca. she has worked internationally with choreographers such as Wim Vandekeybus, Johannes Wieland, Maxine Doyle, Helder Seabra, Tom Weinberger, Luke Murphy, Edan Gorlicki and others. As a choreographer, she co-founded the women's collective Bufo Makmal in Basel, in 2013, which toured Switzerland with ALL.ES. and into pieces. Since 2016 she has continued to make her own works, which have been shown at the Staatstheater Kassel, LOT-Theater Braunschweig, Theater aan de Rijn Arnheim and Le Nouveau Monde Fribourg, among others. In november 2022, she showed her recent production Firestarter in Monopol, Berlin. Since 2021 she has been working closely with theatre director Alexander Nerlich, as part of the production team for various theatre plays at Stadttheater Ingolstadt and Staatstheater Mainz. Zoe has been a guest teacher and choreographer at various dance schools throughout Europe since 2010. In 2022 she received a grant from the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and Neustart Kultur for the further development of her choreographic work.



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