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summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

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b12 summer main event


location: eden***** studios


luca ghedini


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Each class is divided into three chapters, designed to develop different skills and abilities. In the first chapter, we begin with a series of breathing and concentration exercises, which give the base to prepare the body and mind for movement and floor work. In the second chapter, we focus on the set material. We work on rhythm,space and dive deep into a specific movement language. The third chapter is dedicated to storytelling and own character research. Finally, all the set material is reworked and personalized according to the traits of each individual. On the last day we will unify the work that has been done through out the six days.

please be aware of our early bird special offer for this workshop! you can apply for this offer up until the 24th of march 2024. after the 24th the regular workshop fee applies. applications are accepted up until one day before the workshops starts.

Luca is a dancer, choreographer and a versatile performer with a contemporary, hip hop, house dance and jazz rock background. In the last ten years, he has worked for Punchdrunk, Johannes Wieland / Staatstheater Kassel, M&N Dance Company and various Italian companies. He is developing his own choreographic work, being displayed in different theaters and in short film. He graduated in Social and workplace psychology at the university of Padua.


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