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summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

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b12 summer main event


location: eden***** studios


nadine gerspacher

cia nadine gerspacher | former dancer of dave st. pierre company montreal


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catching limits

nadine's work explores contemporary dance, incorporating movement tasks and situations that playfully connect people and focus on the energetics of body language. she generates a warm atmosphere and inspires participants to work intelligently and push the edges of their limits. the workshop consists of exercises to awaken the body and generate awareness of the entire physical instrument. attention is given to breath, joint articulation, muscle tone and stability to improve physical strength. nadine invites everybody to participate in technical exercises, including floor work, games, and challenging phrase composition. students learn to activate and ground their centre in a way that allows them to experience optimal freedom in their movement. partner work, guided improvisations and theatrical tasks highlight the class activities to support playfulness and creativity in movement and expression. her physicality is defined by a raw, powerful movement, balanced with a special attention to detail, particularly in the movement of the hands. playing with different textures, switching from light to thick, her movement is a consistent search for surprises.

please be aware of our early bird special offer for this workshop! you can apply for this offer up until the 24th of march 2024. after the 24th the regular workshop fee applies. applications are accepted up until one day before the workshops starts.

nadine gerspacher is a freelance dancer, choreographer, teacher and artistic director of her own company, cia nadine gerspacher. she has been working internationally for over 20 years and choreographs worldwide for companies and universities. among others, she danced for five years with the internationally renowned dance theatre company dave st. pierre from montreal, which strongly influenced her own choreographic work. in 2015 she worked as a choreographer for the cirque du soleil. in 2016, she received the isadora prize from the iwanson-sixt foundation in munich for her exceptional achievements in contemporary dance. in her trilogy 2019-2021, which she successfully completed in september 2021, she described and questioned various facets of the pre-corona era. in 2022 she successfully celebrated her latest piece re. in e-werk freiburg: a duet that she created together with arias fernandez, which combines krump dance and contemporary dance. furthermore, she leads the two programs, free bodies & free roots, which accompany young dancers over eight months, preparing them for their professional careers. in 2022 she also opened free zone, a centre for movement, creation and performance, in barcelona with nicolas ricchini. in addition, she is the co-founder of the nexo festival in freiburg/germany, together with tina halford. cia nadine gerspacher has received 2022 guest performance funding from tanzland/inthega houses for 2023-2026.



cia nadine gerspacher is an international project serving as a creative platform for the company's own creations, as well as for collaborations with other artists and commissioned choreographic works for dance institutions and other companies, as well as the organisation of the nexo festival in freiburg, germany. the company combines dance and theatre in a poetic way. nadine gerspacher's central field of work is a dance theatre fired by everyday life. she creates small worlds inhabited by eccentric characters, where the absurd, poetry, and unfiltered physicality come together in a narrative way. humor, transformations, grotesque moments, and vulnerability play central roles in her plays. basic questions of human existence: who are we, what are we looking for? and what is love? are constantly being re-examined in different ways. her pieces are multi-media, characterised by powerful dance and acrobatic elements. in general, the creations have a clear aesthetic, are of high quality, and strong in their essence. the pieces deal with socio-critical and current topics. the works bring to life surprising images with the power to engage the audience emotionally, and to captivate younger or inexperienced audience members. apart from creating physical dance theatre, the company organises dance education workshops and trainings for professional & non-professional dancers. since 2018, the work of cia nadine gerspacher has been consistently funded by different institutions in germany.


vlad ion

Vlad Ion's first encounter with dance was self-taught through breakdancing, before he drew inspiration from various styles such as HipHop, House, or Popping nationally and internationally. In 2016, he began regular training in contemporary dance, which changed his perspective on dance and opened up new opportunities for him. With this newfound interest, Vlad Ion moved from Romania to Barcelona to complete professional training at Varium and Freebodies, and subsequently performed as a replacement in productions such as "Non-Upgraded Existence" by Nadine Gerspacher, "Scotoma" by Lisard Tranis and Clémentine Télesfort, and "Ahotzak" by Ziomara Hormaetxea, which were staged in various locations across Europe. Currently, Vlad Ion is a performer in the new production "Tempo" by Cía Toni Mira, which premiered in January 2024 at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, as well as in the piece "Cicatrices" by Vero Cendoya. Additionally, he is starting a duo with the German choreographer Nadine Gerspacher, which will premiere in April 2024 at E-WERK Freiburg. Furthermore, Vlad Ion has developed an interest in teaching and is starting to offer courses and workshops in various institutions such as Varium, Hanami, or Free Roots.


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