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summer | main event
running from the 1st to the 30th of july 2023



package information

do you want to book workshops at b12 summer and not worry about where to stay? this offer might be for you!
we invented the b12 summer package for you - and in our b12 summer packages we offer you the possibility to book a combination of workshops and accommodation for an unbeatable price. we offer this package in the summer only: a room to stay at eden studios (at the site where the workshops are happenin) plus workshops in this combination:
three 4-day workshops
one 8-day workshop and one 4-day workshop
two 6-day workshops
the rooms are available during these time slots in 2023:
1st - 8th july (check in: 30th of may, earliest at 6pm / check out 8th of july, latest 2pm)

9th - 16th july (accommodation: check in: 8th of july, earliest at 6pm / check out 16th of july, latest 2pm)
17th - 22nd july (accommodation: check in: 16th of july, earliest at 6pm / check out 22nd of july, latest at 2pm)
23rd - 30th july (accommodation: check in: 22nd of july, earliest at 6pm / check out 30th of july, latest at 2pm)
the mentioned time slot is a fixed time slot and not movable or changeable.
you can take more than one package. if you would like to take extra workshops on top of this offer, you can, but have to pay the regular workshop price for these extra workshops.
each package includes:
- workshop bundles
- accommodation
you can get each package for 880 euro. we only have 16 packages available. packages are not counting towards other reductions and offers.
please apply through the regular application process.
room details:
the guest rooms are not hotel rooms. there are no meals included or any other service, like cleaning or room service. the rooms have internet, the interior is basic, but charming and clean. you have this room entirely to yourself. five rooms share a bathroom/shower - no kitchen or something like that is available. the room hosts one person but if you like to add a person, you can do that for an extra 20 euro per night. the second person cannot book a "package", but can apply for the workshops at normal rates.
the regular cancellation policy applies.

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