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summer | main event
running from the 1st to the 30th of july 2023

b12 summer main event

location: eden***** studios


Mattef Kuhlmey


workshop conflicts

no leader impro session

no leader impro session is many hours of non-stop improvisation. explore and research with all of your b12 friends! come and go as you like; there is no specific time to join or leave. there is no theme, no rules, no leader; just your ideas, your thoughts and your movement. we have sound support from our beloved mattef kuhlmey, who will feed us with non-stop live electronic music. let this jam be whatever you want it to be! the no leader impro session is only happening four times during the b12 summer festival. it is not limited to b12ers and you can just jump in whenever you want. this jam is for all dancers in berlin and whoever wants to join. it is also free of charge! sunday 2nd of july - starts around 21:30 finishes around 23:30 // sunday 9th of july - starts around 21:30 finishes around 23:30 // thursday 20th of july - starts around 21:30 finishes around 23:30 // friday 28th of july - starts around 21:30 finishes around 23:30.

mattef kuhlmey, born 1968 in east berlin, completed his studies in political science, and has been active since 1999 as a musician, sound designer, and label owner with his band alp, making numerous silent movie soundtracks, such as für panzerkreuzer potemkin, berlin - sinfonie der großstadt, and music for performances by hyoung min kim, jan martens, deborah hay, rabih mroue, gabriele reuter, nico and the navigators, and jo parkes. he is also co-owner of the label fortschritt musik, and has done sound design for gisèle vienne, constanza macras, helena waldmann and the danceon ensemble, salzburg festival, and the thaliatheater hamburg.


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