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summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

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b12 summer main event



these are 360 degree sittings / arena type performances, created by b12 teachers and choreographers. this showing of a draft of thar be dragons newest work has no entrance fee.



thar be dragons

Resurrecting Dead Darlings - A Palindromic Process of artistic Rebirth


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"Thar Be Dragons", a Helsinki-based dance company, was created by two artists and collaborators, Annamari Keskinen and Ryan Mason, in 2018. The company functions as a platform for both choreographers to create and present their collaborative and personal works. From site-specific performances to grand stage works, their repertoire frequently combines symbolic dramaturgies and expansive auditory landscapes, enveloping audiences in rich, multi-sensory experiences. Thar Be Dragons reimagines the dance experience by focusing on the journey of creation. Their approach invites audience members to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the creative process. Thar Be Dragons is not created solely to entertain, but rather to extend an invitation to wonder and question through their performances. The artist's current work places premium on the value of process, the unfinished work, and seeks a platform where the essence driving the final product can be appreciated irrespective of its stage of completion.


Research catalogue:






Resurrecting Dead Darlings - A Palindromic Process of artistic Rebirth

studio showing of a draft of their newest work - and it's free of charge.


Dead Darlings are ideas that for one reason or another have been set aside, abandoned or otherwise not realised. In our context they can be scenes, psychophysical movement spaces, modes of performance or sets of actions based on fictional situations and settings.

Resurrecting Dead Darlings - A Palindromic process of artistic Rebirth will revive artists' artistic archives and unused ideas in a multifaceted project. It is divided into three main phases, incubation, gestation and rebirth. The project emphasises the artistic process as a dynamic journey - a continuous change, an embrace of the unfinished, and a platform for creative exploration, which also embodies the symbiotic relationship and interaction between makers and viewers. We aim to shine light on the different stages of the artistic process, to create a low-threshold dialogue between artists and audience, and to contribute to the positive impact of dance and choreographic thinking in society through free demo sharings, reflection talkbacks, and a more accessible and transparent artistic process. In 2024, we Annamari Keskinen and Ryan Mason, together with sound designer Timo Tikka, will focus on the first phase of the project, incubation. Thar Be Dragons will organize several demo performances in Helsinki and Berlin during 2024 and eight performances in October-November in Helsinki. The project's progress and process can be followed in its own online catalogue, which will be regularly updated with texts, images and videos. The project is not bound to a traditional stage environment. Primarly we aim to perform the work in studio or museum spaces, giving the public an intimate opportunity to follow the process of artistic rebirth. The artistic work itself is not about copying the past verbatim, but rather about finding new afterlives to old ideas that never really got to be realized. We use a number of different approaches, such as manipulating and taking apart a single idea and combining different artistic impulses and elements. Alongside our artistic process, we work with a seven-member Artistic Research Collective (ARC) - people from different backgrounds with a common curiosity towards dance. The group follows the whole three stage artistic process in addition to participating in workshops and talkbacks. In the last part of the project, rebirth (2027), we aim to facilitate a space for the group to share their personal experiences in the form of a performance.

We are interested in exploring what this shared process brings out in the participants. What new experiential bodily knowledge emerges from them, does something shift and if yes what?



The project's first stage incubation is co-produced by Thar Be Dragons, Raekallio Corp and Kekäläinen & Company. The project is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Finnish Arts Promotion Centre and the City of Helsinki.




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