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research or die.

summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

b12 summer main event



b12 participants work out and research ideas with a choreographer in order to present them in a performance setting. the pieces are then presented at dock 11.


James Finnemore // Oleg Stepanov // Shannon Gillen

performance projects


dates (dock 11 theater)



The theater hall is located at ground level in the second courtyard. It is accessible via a step that can be bridged with a ramp if necessary. Due to current renovation work, which is expected to last until September 2023, there is currently no barrier-free toilet available. Severely disabled persons who require accompaniment will receive a free accompaniment ticket. Unfortunately, it is not possible to book the accompanying ticket online. Please book your ticket online and send an e-mail to dockart@dockart-berlin.de for the accompanying ticket. We will then provide the accompanying ticket. People in wheelchairs or with other physical or cognitive impairments who need assistance, we ask for prior registration by email at dockart@dockart-berlin.de.
Unfortunately, there are no disabled parking spaces near DOCK 11.


James Finnemore


A British dance artist, James Finnemore has extensive international experience working with Hofesh Shechter Company (Uprising/In Your Rooms, Political Mother, Survivor), Olivier Dubois (Tragédie), Gary Clarke Company, Carte Blanche and, most recently, as performing Rehearsal Director in Punchdrunk’s productions of Sleep No More and The Burnt City. He has also taught in various dance institutions and companies, delivering workshops and re-staging Hofesh Shechter's repertoire. Alongside his performing career, James is developing his own choreography, including the presentation of his own full-length piece, TERRA, through his associateship at The Point, and as part of The Place’s Hot House project.


a western

working with composer Joel harries, we will begin explorations into the idea of keeping the outside outside. These explorations will have a dual focus. First is the concept of physical separation and literal boundary-making; we will ask what elements make a cohesive inside, against which the outside batters. This brings us to the second focus: the more metaphysical aspects of inside and outside. It will unpick the complex themes of belonging, and aspects of opposition that come from dividing inside from outside, or us from them. We will use this focus to explore the necessity of an inside, exclusive, excluding mental space to form an identity which we may recognise ourselves, and can be recognised by others. This story will look at how a group of people shelter themselves from outside forces, and in doing so, we will delineate a fundamental human urge - to create a place of safety for the body and the mind to rest, and to protect that place from the outside, no matter what.




Oleg Stepanov

dance and movement researcher | former dancer with tanztheater pina bausch


oleg is a dance artist and choreographer. his first education lies in the field of physics. oleg actively facilitates dance research practices, creates music and cinema. for 7 years, he has been a dancer in tanztheater wuppertal pina bausch. before that, he danced in gothenburg dance company for 3 years. he has collaborated in original creations with choreographers/directors, such as dimitris papaioannou, saburo teshigawara, sidi larbi cherkaoui, alan lucien oyen, richard siegal, bobbi jene smith, constanza macras, uri ivgi & johan greben, and others. oleg's choreographic language and method is based on the observation of the body in space and space in the body. in particular, oleg sees the movement as a synthesis between the architecture and biomechanics of the body and a sensitive, and sensorial, inner journey. in his creative work, it’s important for oleg to assume and envision that the body is endowed with qualities of the subject and the object simultaneously, and that it exists in spacetime among pure potentialities and a multitude of choices.


another sorts of little deaths

the creations i facilitate are usually focused on the body and space. at the centre of the creation are human beings, their complexity, and inconsistency. i always try to see and maximise potential of the people that i create with, to bring starting ideas and to set vectors and directions, while still being open to unexpected mutations and turns. my experience shows me that within the time and place in which we create, the relation between people’s involvement and the concept that our bodies constantly reflect world’s events and carry the imprints of history and contemporaneity, will arise something more unique than if i, alone, insisted on my limited perspective. the only place where i'm persistent is in emphasising the polarity and polysemy of things that we explore. i like to play with the ranges, each time trying to look at something in all of its complexity and inconsistency, and directing the viewer towards sensations and curiosity, and internal journey. thus, the piece that we create together is a mosaic, a kind of constantly moving and transforming substance. humor coexists with sadness, illusion with reality, poetry with politics, fullness with emptiness. the creation process is initially based on improvisation and research and moves towards composition and choreography; it includes aspects of theatrical and performance practices. i try to arrange a playful space, without judgment and prejudices; one that's open to failures and numerous attempts to tame what's found.




Shannon Gillen



Shannon Gillen is the artistic director of VIM VIGOR (US). Her creative work has been commissioned across the USA, Canada, Central America, South America, Nordic countries, and Europe. Projects include commissions by L.A. Dance Project, Hubbard Street 2, Gibney Dance Company, Over het lj in the Netherlands, fashion label phelan for ny fashion week, danceworks at the lobero theatre, Jacob's Pillow Festival, ICA in Boston, Ruvuelo in Chile, Boston Dance Theater, Mainfranken Theater Würzburg, Arts Umbrella, Solo-Tanz Theater Festival in Stuttgart, de Danseurs in NL, as a THINK BIG choreographer-in-residence at Staatsoper Hannover, and at Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton; notable festivals and venues where her work has been seen include Springboard Danse Festival in Montreal, Nyla, Prisma Festival in Panama, Judson Church, PULSE Art Fair/Art Basel, Bryant Park, NYC's River to River Festival, Perry Mansfield, and The Joyce. VIM's latest work, PUNCHLINE, premiered at dock 11 before touring to the Arthur Miller Theatre and, with Gibney, Presents in NYC. Gillen is an Associate Professor of Dance at The University of Michigan and choreographs for many higher education institutions; this year in iceland at the iua, and at vassar college in ny. VIM serves as a physical dance theater education platform in the USA, with annual winter and summer programming. She is a graduate of The Juilliard School and earned her MFA from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.



this piece is about time. how we use it, waste it, sell it, beg for it and, ultimately, are eaten whole by it. immersed in a rigorous process of collaborative movement and partnering creation, we will peel back who and what we are made of when facing the clock. expect combustive physical and psychological prompts. expect to enter a maelstrom of situations and feelings. expect characters to escalate into a mad wilderness of movement. expect to say good-bye. expect to bring something back to life. each of us will take one last look with the time we have left. we will make it count. we will try to make it last forever. even though we know it won't. My experiences working with Johannes Wieland and, currently, with the artists of VIM VIGOR, has influenced my approach to raw physical movement, the collaborative creative process, and life. Unabashedly personal, each work enters a terrain of human failure, triumph, and will.





b12ers can get tickets at a reduced ticket price (10 euro)!


oleg stepanov // another sorts of little deaths (working title)


shannon gillen // countdown


james finnemore // a western




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