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research or die.

summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

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b12 summer main event



b12 participants work out and research ideas with a choreographer in order to present them in a performance setting. the pieces are then presented at dock 11.


laja field // Lea Ved // James Vu Anh Pham

performance projects


dates (dock 11 theater)



The theater hall is located at ground level in the second courtyard. It is accessible via a step that can be bridged with a ramp if necessary. Due to current renovation work, which is expected to last until September 2023, there is currently no barrier-free toilet available. Severely disabled persons who require accompaniment will receive a free accompaniment ticket. Unfortunately, it is not possible to book the accompanying ticket online. Please book your ticket online and send an e-mail to dockart@dockart-berlin.de for the accompanying ticket. We will then provide the accompanying ticket. People in wheelchairs or with other physical or cognitive impairments who need assistance, we ask for prior registration by email at dockart@dockart-berlin.de.
Unfortunately, there are no disabled parking spaces near DOCK 11.


laja field



Laja Field (she/her) is an international creator, performer and dance educator, originally from Salt Lake City, utah. Laja’s passion for the arts is rooted in relatable, non-linear storytelling that evokes the power of imagination as a gateway to reflect on the past, present, and invite a new kind of liberated future. Laja is the co-artistic director of LajaMartin Physical Dance theatre with partner, Martin durov. Their work has been shared in 16 different countries worldwide. Highlights include a nyc premiere for the Curated Series presented by Gibney Dance Company, touring to Prisma Festival in Panama, creating work for ririe-woodbury and, most recently, for Project InTandem in Calgary, Canada. As an independent creative, Laja played an integral role in bringing her own style of physical floorwork to NYC, where she was also a founding member and rehearsal director with Vim Vigor Dance Company. At the start of her career, Laja joined the Johannes Wieland company at Staatstheater Kassel in Germany, where she had the pleasure of working with many incredible colleagues, teachers and artists, including Hofesh Shechter, Ryan Mason, Sita Ostheimer, Evangelos Poulinas, Stella Zannou, and Chris Haring, among others. The same year she joined the company, Laja graduated magna cum laude with a BFA from the University of Utah in 2012. Currently based out of a suitcase, Laja continues all artistic endeavours with lajamartin across the globe.



life how short | eternity how long. The duality of life and its contradictions spark inspiration for the fertile ground of this creation. The physicality will be based in a highly virtuosic, athleticism that is very much open and seeking different styles of movement and interpretations. Every kind of performer belongs here. There will be room to dig into your own individual interest and, also, explore what it is to transform into someone (or something) else, entirely. we will be using an amalgamation of tools in dance and theatre, components of movement, text, partnering, improvisational scores, lip-syncing, and any other special skills in the group will be used as fruitful contributions to this collaborative process. Unearth what lies between the real world and the surreal. Transcend into new dimensions. Trek into the unknown.




Lea Ved

nederlands dans theater / royal swedish ballet / rubberbandance group


Lea Ved is a performing artist, choreographer, and collaborator from the USA. she graduated from The Juilliard School in nyc and has danced internationally with RUBBERBANDance Group, The Royal Swedish Ballet, and Nederlands Dans Theater and, most recently, as a guest with kidd pivot. Her most coveted and influential creation experiences have been with Victor Quijada, Crystal Pite, Hofesh Shechter, Marina Mascarell, Sharon Eyal, and performing the role of Julia in Mats Ek’s Julia and Romeo. Her more notable works as a choreographer have been produced by Göteborgsoperans Danskompani, NDT, Korzo Theater, Heavy Hitters Breakdance Crew, and CaDance Festival. She has loved to lead and share a number of creative research workshops, including at b12 (Berlin), Out Innerspace (Vancouver), Gibney Dance (NYC), No)One. Art House (LA), Motion Lab (Eindhoven), and Nederlands Dans Theater.


of folk and fable

a continuation of thoughts, tangents, and play will be shared in the workshop. from there, we will have a frame from where we can construct: the collection of stories in our bones. our people, our myths, believed or imagined, our conduits. bodies and memory braided through outside forces of nature. this is a start, a seed, that will open in a research and a practice of informed play, built with structure, architecture, and each other, to hold together. dancing through questions and vital presence. we discover what is individual and re-create the context, perhaps widened to the whole, or perhaps narrowed to a source. Let's see. the people in a creative room make the blueprint of what will be. i will be honoured and excited to meet you.




James Vu Anh Pham

former dancer with akram khan / eastman / chunky move


James Vu Anh Pham is an international freelance dance artist. He has worked with Akram Khan Dance Company, Chunky Move with Anouk van Dijk, and Eastman with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, performing in Babel 7.16 in the prestigious Palais des Papes for the Festival d’Avignon, in collaboration with Damien Jalet and Antony Gormley, and further tours of the original Babel. James guested at the Royal Ballet of Flanders with RAVEL, ICON with the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, Les Indes Galantes with Bayerisch Staatsoper Munich, and Satyagraha at theatre Basel. Independently, James has guested with Garry Stewart's Australian Dance Theatre, casted as the lead role in Christophe Coppens’ Le Mandarin Merveilleux at La Monnaie de Munt Opera house in Brussels, performed in multiple creations, such as MUSCLE MOUTH by Ross McCormack in New Zealand, AORTA by Stephanie Lake, and NETHER by Lauren Langlois. James will continue to work with Royal Ballet Flanders to premiere a new work by Jan Martens, C(H)OUERS by Alain Platel, and NOETIC by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. In 2014 James received the Helpmann Award for Best Male Dancer in a Dance or Physical Theatre Work, and the Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer Australian Dance Award. James is a certified Counter-technique teacher and has taught extensively around the world.


untitled 24

We will be researching movement techniques and tasks to strengthen the bond between the instinctual dancer and the analytical dancer. We will create clear choices, rules, games, and obstacles, in order to challenge the mind to accept and build movement vocabulary. We will be discovering ways to continuously flow, generate and regenerate possibilities in the body, as well as taking full advantage of the natural intelligence we have in our own individual bodies. The workshop will allow us to scan, develop, and acknowledge the freedom and the limits within the body, and to enjoy all that is possible, whilst developing our palette and finesse as an intelligent, virtuosic mover.





b12ers can get tickets at a reduced ticket price (10 euro)!



lea ved // of folk and fable
james vu ahn pham // nn
laja field // mindlapse




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