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summer | main event
running from the 1st to the 30th of july 2023

b12 summer main event



Christina Mertzani // victor rottier // akira yoshida

performance projects


b12 participants work out and research an idea with a choreographer in order to present it in a performance. each performance project is limited to about 15 participants. the performance projects run over 12 days. the pieces are then presented at dock 11.


dates (dock 11 theater)



The theater hall is located at ground level in the second courtyard. It is accessible via a step that can be bridged with a ramp if necessary. Due to current renovation work, which is expected to last until September 2023, there is currently no barrier-free toilet available. Severely disabled persons who require accompaniment will receive a free accompaniment ticket. Unfortunately, it is not possible to book the accompanying ticket online. Please book your ticket online and send an e-mail to dockart@dockart-berlin.de for the accompanying ticket. We will then provide the accompanying ticket. People in wheelchairs or with other physical or cognitive impairments who need assistance, we ask for prior registration by email at dockart@dockart-berlin.de.
Unfortunately, there are no disabled parking spaces near DOCK 11.


Christina Mertzani


christina mertzani, choreographer, dancer and teacher, graduated from athens state school of dance in 2004 and holds a degree in homeopathy from the akadimia of ancient greek and traditional chinese medicine. in the last 19 years, she has been teaching extensively in europe and asia, leading master classes, workshops and intensives for dancers in companies, theatres, universities and studios for professional dancers. as a performer, christina has worked with johannes wieland (germany), stella zannou (greece), peter vosperton (new zealand), kostandin mixos (greece), helder seabra (belgium), kat valastur (germany), apostolia papadamaki (greece), and performed choreographies by wim vandekeybus, mark morris and martha graham, among others. christina has worked internationally as a choreographer, performer and teacher. she has choreographed in europe and asia for different companies, theaters, universities and festivals. she has presented metamorfosis, inside, mix-up, cube, alternative bodies, stheno, run away, minotaur, beyond illusion and video dance works entanglement, reborn temptation and 60 pulses in more than 30 countries around the world. she was a faculty member of anton bruckner university in linz, austria, for two years. from 2010- 2019, christina mertzani co-directed, along with evangelos poulinas, one small step international contemporary dance festival in corfu, greece.


apotypoma b12

explore the fire within you. apotypoma b12 is inspired by the topic of diversity. christina wants to create a dance theatre performance that will negotiate the conceptual dimensions of acceptance, integration and, consequently, respect for diversity. behind christina’s approach lies a constant of self-questioning about how the body can keep experiences and how this is influencing the body in how we stand, how we dance and how we present ourselves. she find it an opportunity to revisit history and emotions, bringing to light aspects of ourselves and history that seem to be relevant today. each artist can bring his/her/their experiences from different countries with different cultural/ social backgrounds and histories which will enrich this project. this work will be performed by dancers/ performers who dare to be different. in the project we will present the results of our artistic research as a group, as well as individuals, on the reflection of what diversity is, what similarity is from the prism of what is socially acceptable, in relation to colour, origin, sexual orientation, religion, political views or social perceptions, and much more. we will draw material from personal experiences and stories of other people we have come across. this exciting project will thrill and inspire you, as well as support, expand and refine our craft.




victor rottier


victor rottier, born in the netherlands, received his education from artez university of the arts arnhem, the netherlands. victor is currently working as a freelance choreographer, director and teacher. in 2013-2014 victor worked as a member of the poetic disasters club, with club guy & roni in groningen, the netherlands. from 2014-2018 victor was a full time ensemble dancer with staatstheater kassel, and performed pieces by johannes wieland, hofesh shechter, maxime doyle, tom weinberger, and helder seabra. he worked as rehearsal director and choreographic assistent, alongside johannes wieland, until 2022. he tours his workshops slam! and callus & analysis throughout contemporary dance festivals in europe.


distant smile

this project is dedicated to the subject of recognition. it will be a collaborative set-up in which we will share and apply tools to support the creative process. our time should cover all aspects of a creation, therefore space will be given for exploration and the development of ideas. i see great value in that which each person brings to the process and want those qualities to flourish within the work. my physical approach will include aspects of my workshops, focussing on continuation of movement, attack and the distribution of energy throughout. these principles will set a foundation for a physical and theatrical approach and will be applied when working on duets, solos, or text. this desire for recognition is rooted in our need for social acceptance and validation, and it manifests itself in a variety of ways, differently for each individual. during the process, we will look at the lengths to which we go to be seen for the person that we are, whilst focussing on individuality within a group.




akira yoshida

dancer with Lali ayguadé company


Akira (Pamplona, Spain), began Breaking informally with his friends. At the age of 23, he began a transition towards contemporary dance and performing arts, starting with the company QuieroTeatro. he received the Main Artistic Grant from Navarre and studied at SEAD. He has worked as a performer with the companies such as Hungry Sharks, Physical Momentum, Roberto Oliván Performing Arts, Lali Ayguadé Company, Ceren Orán, etc. He also performed with Julyen Hamilton's Company, Allen's Line, in TRIO. Akira worked with Yoann Bourgeois for Virgil Abloh's last fashion show for Louis Vuitton, and for the new advertisement of J.O.T.T. He has also done shootings for Polaroid. he created his own solos, Home, and Burial of the Bark, and co-created the duets, Gizaki with Lali Ayguadé (a duet nominated for the awards Premis de la Critica and Premis Butaca. From this duet a short movie was created, which was then nominated for the River Awards), and Hito with Chey Jurado (audience award in MasDanza, and 3 prizes in Paso a 2). Akira has choreographed for Cobosmika, les rencontres, etc, and worked as choreographic assistant for Lali Ayguadé in the creation Sublimation for the Korean National Company of Contemporary Dance, and Shelter for Verve Company. He currently combines touring his own work, with other companies and workshops all around the World with DeltebreDansa, B12, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Flip Helsinki, Portugal Summer Intensive, among others.


performance project/ what should we do?

the performance project will be divided into different sections. there will be a part in which we will research and create based on some of the physicalities that i have been researching since i started dancing. this physical section will evolve into finding a context and editing the material, so that it speaks inside of the frame of characters and situations, always finding an intention and context. in that sense, we will go from the pure body to the characters. another section will be about messing up. i always find messing up important; to allow ourselves to find without any fear of doing it well or not. from some improvisation tasks, we will find little bits of gold that will create the bones of the work. my work always starts with intuition rather than a very well-established idea. i trust the intuition as a source, to let the body and soul speak with honesty, and as the process moves on, we will understand what it is that is being created in constant dialogue between the group, the individual's dynamics and personal tools, and me.





b12ers can get tickets at a reduced ticket price (10 euro)!


christina mertzani // apotypoma b12
Giulia Bencina / Naomi Benenson / Kyra Beswick / Katherine Kiessling / Miah Lewis / Madalena Lopes / Sarah Messenger / Kenzie Sawyer / Aimee Schollum / Christiana Stewart / Juno Toraiwa / Zoe Zen // original soundscore: Minas Emmanouil


victor rottier // distant smile
Khris Beeson / Julienne Rane Buenaventura / Isabella Campbell / Lilia Castillo Gómez / Cardin Chung / Sarah Desordi / Leah Emanuel / Sofia Gonzalez / Sarah Kinch / Abigail Linnemeyer / Lucienne Parker / Daniel Paula / Spirit Priester / Aino Päivike / Brenna Sautter / Alexandra Seager / Kai Taberner


akira yoshida // what should we do?
Sam Amey / Alessandro Bonacina / Davide Bonetti / Marius Eidrigevicius / Yuval Finkelshtein / Imani Gaudin / Goerge Karatzas / Jasmin Lancaster / Abhay Mahajan / Vourneen Ni’cainin / Jonathan Pattiwael / Mia Rubenstein / Jules Sadoughi / Eva Schmechtig / Maria Schoenherr / Zack Sommer / Amanda Tender




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