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summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

b12 summer main event

deep space


come, listen to, and discuss with invited artists and theorists, as they share their thoughts on the topic of intersectionality. 5 euro entrance fee / free access for b12ers


you can find more information on intersectionality here.


the deep space event on the 4th of july will be a community-driven exploration of education and life-long learning within dance and the performing arts; a thinking-space with a workshop feel for considering our own experiences as well as the legacy of dance we have received and are passing on.  we aim to collectively create a space to reflect on one’s own responsibilities within the field as well as empower individuals to exchange and generate new proposals for the future of dance.


we invite you to give thought to the following questions before the workshop:

  • how has your dance education prepared you for the field (or not)?

  • is there a belief you have been taught or held that has transformed over time?

  • how do you perceive your relationship to learning as a dance/performance artist?


we invite you to join us in dreaming together.


this event will be lead by the ‘deep space’ team:

cree barnett williams

whitney cover

hendrik hebben

niv melamed




cree barnett williams / whitney cover / hendrik hebben / niv melamed


dates (eden stdios)



not barrier-free





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