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summer | main event
running from the 1st to the 30th of july 2023

b12 summer main event



Baye & Asa



these are 360 degree sittings / arena type performances, created by b12 teachers and choreographers. 5 euro entrance fee - only at the door. this performance will be presented in a split bill together with "los little guys".


dates (eden studios)



not barrier-free


Hip Hop & African dance languages are the foundation of our technique.  The rhythms of these techniques inform the way we energetically confront contemporary dance & theatre. Baye & Asa is a company creating movement art projects directed by Amadi ‘Baye’ Washington & Sam ‘Asa’ Pratt. We met when we were 6 years old.  The physical aggression in our choreography is a symptom of our political rage, and a yearning to personally implicate ourselves.  We use our choreography to create political metaphors, interrogate systemic inequities, and contemporize ancient allegories; we build theatrical contexts that celebrate, implicate, and condemn the characters onstage.



Conceived as a duet between the two dancers, HotHouse unfolds within a large plexiglass structure originally designed as a response to the epidemiological hurdles presented by the pandemic. Brought to vivid life through Baye & Asa’s physicality and paired with an original score by Julian Pratt and Harlan Steed of celebrated punk band Show Me The Body, the enclosed stage becomes a narratively adaptable canvas, transforming into a medical isolation unit, a prison cell, a church, and a building on fire throughout the performance. HotHouse is a commentary on confinement—one that acknowledges COVID-19’s role in unmasking the greater systemic failures of America.




direction and choreography: amadi washington & sam pratt

Original sound score: Julian Pratt and Harlan Steed




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