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summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

b12 summer main event



these are 360 degree sittings / arena type performances, created by b12 teachers and choreographers. 5 euro entrance fee - only at the door. this performance will be presented in a split bill together with lukas makowski.


victor rottier

son of joke


greywax 140


dates (eden studios)



not barrier-free


victor rottier, born in the netherlands, received his education from artez university of the arts arnhem, the netherlands. victor is currently working as a freelance choreographer, director and teacher. in 2013-2014 victor worked as a member of the poetic disasters club, with club guy & roni in groningen, the netherlands. from 2014-2018 victor was a full time ensemble dancer with staatstheater kassel, and performed pieces by johannes wieland, hofesh shechter, maxime doyle, tom weinberger, and helder seabra. he worked as rehearsal director and choreographic assistent, alongside johannes wieland, until 2022. he tours his workshops slam! and callus & analysis throughout contemporary dance festivals in europe.


greywax 140

in "greywax 140" six dancers and a musician express interpersonal relationships and conflicts through movement, text and sound while trying to find a way to deal with the complexity of a present full of contradictions. They explore how to deal with everyday bullshit and disagreements while remaining grounded in reality. They explore their freedom, while it lies for the taking. In this way, text and dance blend more and more into a wild and physical dance theater storm. Social phenomena such as superficiality, hypocrisy, hysteria and the inability meet each other in honesty and authenticity.



Staging/choreography: Victor Rottier

Dance: Angela Demattè, Jordan Gigout, Melissa Kieffer, Aline Perino, Niki Anjes Stalder, Victor Rottier

Music: Martin Waespe

Costumes: Luisa Später

Stage design: Anan Stürmer

Graphics: Jimmie Balster

Lighting design: Pascal Pompe

Production management: Niki Anjes Stalder

Production assistance: Melissa Kieffer, Victor Rottier




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