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summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

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b12 summer main event



b12 invites artists, who are teaching at the b12 festival, to present an evening-length piece.


reut shemesh



dates (dock 11 theater)



The theater hall is located at ground level in the second courtyard. It is accessible via a step that can be bridged with a ramp if necessary. Due to current renovation work, which is expected to last until September 2023, there is currently no barrier-free toilet available. Severely disabled persons who require accompaniment will receive a free accompaniment ticket. Unfortunately, it is not possible to book the accompanying ticket online. Please book your ticket online and send an e-mail to dockart@dockart-berlin.de for the accompanying ticket. We will then provide the accompanying ticket. People in wheelchairs or with other physical or cognitive impairments who need assistance, we ask for prior registration by email at dockart@dockart-berlin.de.
Unfortunately, there are no disabled parking spaces near DOCK 11.


Reut Shemesh is a choreographer and media artist from Israel, based in Cologne, who is currently funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the category ‘Spitzenförderung’ - the state’s top level dance funding programme. Her pieces and films have been shown at Art Cologne, Tanzplattform, Impulse Theatre Festival, tanzhaus nrw, HELLERAU in Dresden, the Transition Video Art Festival in Maastricht and Kampnagel in Hamburg, among others. Guest performances have taken her to the Netherlands, Slovakia, Singapore, Israel and the USA. She created commissioned works for the Oberhausen Theatre (Bad Mothers, 2022) and the Maslool School in Tel Aviv, and holds regular lectures at universities and dance institutions in the region and abroad. Currently, ULTRA, a co-creation with the Belgian production house fABULEUS is touring through several European cities. This year she will also celebrate the premiere of the large-scale commissioned production ESTHER in Potsdam, Munich, Hamburg and Dresden. Being a woman, an artist, a mother, and an immigrant, she often interlaces her own lived experiences into her work.


In 2016, her piece LEVIAH won the Cologne Dance Theatre Prize. In April 2019, Shemesh created the piece ATARA during the residency program at K3|Tanzplan Hamburg, which was subsequently invited to the Tanzplattform Germany 2020. Her research project under the working title WITNESS opened the Impulse Theatre Festival 2019, with its final version COBRA BLONDE premiering in its digital version at tanzhaus nrw in April 2021 and in October 2021 as the live performance at HELLERAU in Dresden which showed a collection of her most recent pieces and installations in cooperation with the Jüdische Kulturtage (Jewish Culture Days) 2021 under the heading: Portrait: The Choreographer Reut Shemesh. The short film COBRA, which she created together with filmmaker Ronni Shendar, and is based on the performance COBRA BLONDE, premiered at the NYBA Dance Film Fest in Buenos Aires and was recently shown at the TANZ AHOi Film Fest 2023 in Hamburg after being shown in several venues and festivals.


Her piece BAD MOTHERS, a commission for the Theater Oberhausen, premiered in March 2022 and marked her first choreographic commission for an acting ensemble at a German municipal theater. In August 2022, the piece ATARA, and the commissioned work GOLA 3rd Movement for the Maslool Dance School was shown at the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv. The fourth part of the GOLA series, GOLA 4th Movement, premiered in September 2022 at HELLERAU in Dresden and toured to the (Rh)einfach Fest! at TanzFaktur Cologne and the MOVE! Festival in Krefeld later that year. Currently, the piece ULTRA – Reut’s co-creation with the Belgian production house fABULEUS in Leuven (BE) is touring through Belgium following the premiere in Leuven in November 2023 and will be shown in Düsseldorf and Cologne in the spring of 2024. In 2024 she will also show her next production Youth & Uniform, a large scale cooperation between fabrik Potsdam, K3 Hamburg, Fokus Tanz Munich and HELLERAU Dresden.



In ATARA, choreographer Reut Shemesh directs her gaze onto the world view shared by women who live according to the rules set forth by Jewish orthodoxy and those who take a secular approach. Together, they ask what femininity, female sexuality and their places in society could be. How do they find their destiny, or how do they fail in doing so? By means of reenactments of events from her own surroundings – Reut Shemesh grew up in a family both secular as well as orthodox – and through photography, text and movement, an oscillating dialogue between different outlooks arises. In this way, clichés, prejudice and one’s own lifestyle come into question in equal measure.




Concept, choreography, text, photography: Reut Shemesh
Creation, Performance: Hella Immler, Tsipora Nir, Florian Patschovsky
Composition, sound design: Simon Bauer
Dramaturgy: Matthias Quabbe
Mentoring: Anne Kersting
Video, stage, lighting: Ronni Shendar
Costume: Marie Siekmann
Financial management: transmissions GmbH
Production, Management: Sabina Stücker

Special thanks to: Hilla Shemesh Rathaus, Florian Egermann.


The research took place during the residency at K3 tanzplan Hamburg, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf.


A production of Reut Shemesh, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg in cooperation with tanzhaus nrw.


Financed by: Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Kunststiftung NRW, Stiftung Zurückgeben, KunstSalon Stiftung / Step Up & RheinEnergie Stiftung.


Supported by: tanzfaktur köln, iDAS NRW, Machol Shalem Jerusalem.




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