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summer main event

research or die.


research or die.


the following research workshops and performance projects are held by incredibly dedicated teachers and choreographers who come to b12 to share their knowledge and passion with you. every year we learn from your feedback and are very encouraged by the ongoing support and enthusiasm that we receive!


in order to suit different financial needs and research ideas, we have created different workshop options of different lengths: two, four, six, eight, and ten days as well as other, special research workshops with a different length. and of course not to forget our beloved performance projects! you can mix and match and apply for the ones which work best for you. please check our website regularly, as we will be adding more workshops and workshop formats, like online workshops, over time - and be aware of our early bird and price reduction options. there is also a scholarship program available; you can find more details about this in our faq section!


this educational platform gives you the opportunity to have an in-depth experience with one choreographer, working on an idea and presenting it in a performance setting. performance projects are limited to around 12 performers and span over 12 days (sunday off). the pieces will be presented three times at dock 11, a black box theater in the centre of berlin. the application deadline is april 29th 2022.

Arias Fernandez

Ella Rothschild

Jos Baker

Sam Coren

Tamara Gvozdenovic & kangding ray

Victor Rottier

10 day research

Maria Campos & Guy Nader

Tina afiyan-english & Tomislav Afiyan-English

8 day research

Kenan Dinkelmann

Laja Field

Roser tutusaus & tom weksler

6 day research

Akira Yoshida

Arias Fernandez

Christina Mertzani

Ella Rothschild

Johannes Wieland

Jos Baker

Nadine Gerspacher

Natalia Pieczuro

SAM Coren

Sebastian Zuber

Tamara Gvozdenovic

Victor Rottier

4 day research

Adam Khazhmuradov

Adrienn Hód

Aladino Rivera

Alessandro Marzotto levy

Alexandros el greco

Ami Shulman

Annamari Keskinen & Ryan Mason

Antonin Rioche

Carlos Aller

Csaba Varga

Davide Bonetti

Dor Mamalia & Dariusz Nowak

Erik Elizondo & Dimitri Kalaitzidis

Evangelos Poulinas

Fabian Wixe

Fabian Thomé

Horacio Macuacua

James Vu Anh Pham

James Finnemore

Jarkko Mandelin & Oskari Turpeinen

Jefta Tanate

Jone San Martin Astigarraga & Mikel R. Nieto

Lali Ayguade

Lea Ved

Leila Mcmillan

Lucía Toker

Lukas Malkowski

Maria Colusi

Marion Sparber & Alan Fuentes Guerra

Marion Castaillet

Matan Zamir & gal naor

Meimouna Coffi

Oleg Stepanov

Orlando Seale

Pau Aran

Paul Davies

Safet Mistele

Sarah Cerneaux

Tom Weksler

Winston reynolds

2 day research

Cree Barnett Williams

Yuya Fujinami


these 120-minute four-day-long workshops emphasize the discovery of internal physical perception and experience.

Evangelos Poulinas

eternal stretching

Franziska Rosenzweig

pilates flow

Marijke Eliasberg

Tai Chi Chuan for dancers: a practice and an experience

Mata Sakka

shiatsu massage practice


have you always wanted to capture your ideas on video and learn how to refine your skill in merging the two creative worlds of dance and film together? through this platform you can explore a variety of possibilities and approaches of videoing dance and creating your very own film!

Chrysanthi Badeka


looking for a thrill? if your creativity is looking for an outlet or you want to experience a new you, but you have never before connected to your inner dancer - these two community workshops are for you!

Florian Hoffmeier

Marion Sparber


this is your chance to discuss and learn from experienced artists how to manage, and work with problems constructively. every mentoring workshop has a different theme.

Jone San Martin Astigarraga


reveal the energetic blueprint for your body in this 90-minute-long de-stressing class. feel simultaneously revitalized and challenged. best of all: free of charge for all b12 participants!

Camilla Brogaard


for all you freedom loving birds out there: this three to four hour long impro jam will be whatever you want it to be! free of charge.

Mattef Kuhlmey

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