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summer | main event
running from the 1st to the 30th of july 2023

b12 summer main event


location: eden***** studios


Franziska Rosenzweig


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pilates flow

this workshop is based on pilates exercises but is strongly influenced by movements and ideas from yoga and gyrotonic®. the exercises and flow sequences are chosen specifically for dancers to help gain balanced strength and flexibility, tension release, joint mobilisation, spine movements in their full range, and core and back strengthening exercises, all of which are crucial for safe and effective dance training and performance. we will also work with an understanding of the muscular, skeletal, and fascial connections and how your breath can influence your movements, stability and mindset. Please bring a yoga mat and a resistance band or, Alternatively, a belt and towel.

please be aware of our early bird special offer for this workshop! you can apply for this offer up until the 24th of march 2023. after the 24th the regular workshop fee applies. applications are accepted up until one day before the workshops starts.

franziska is founder of holistic ballet® and creator of the holistic ballet dvd series. born in berlin, former east germany, franziska graduated from the state ballet school berlin. she danced with the german state opera berlin (today’s staatsballet berlin), where she performed soloist and principal roles, and with the peter schaufuss ballet in denmark. in 1998, franziska moved to london as a freelance artist and gradually transitioned from being an active dancer to being a ballet teacher whilst also training as a gyrotonic®, pilates, and yoga instructor. she followed invitations to guest-teach in india and european dance companies like random dance, richard alston, ballet prejlocaj, and others. today, franziska teaches at pineapple dance studios and from her studio in east-london. Franziska further trained as a hypnotherapist to help people who suffer from stage-fright, anxiety, and their resulting behaviours.


holistic ballet

holistic ballet® was created out of the need for safer and healthier ballet training for professional ballet and contemporary dancers, as well as for amateur dance students, without compromising the quality and purpose of classical dance training. holistic ballet draws on principles from yoga, pilates, gyrotonic®, functional anatomy, and psychology to help dancers to reach their full potential whilst minimising the risk of injury. ballet and pilates classes, as well as hypnotherapy, are offered in group classes and private sessions, in-person and online.



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