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summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

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b12 summer main event


location: eden***** studios


Rossella Canciello


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Gyrokinesis® Method

Created by Juliu Horvath, the method is based on natural spine motion. It works on many levels, giving flexibility, alignment, core strength, increasing the range of motion, and regenerating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. The constant flow and fluidity of movements, coupled with breathing patterns, open up the energy pathways, oxygenate the blood, and stimulate the nervous system. it's a total flowing bodywork. The workshop is open to anyone who, regardless of age and body type, wants to reconnect to his/her own body. The first part of the work will take place sitting on a stool. We will help the spine to decompress itself by using the muscles to support the work and give the spine the possibility to create space between each vertebra. In this way, we will allow the back to be free to move fluently and in constant flow, consequently involving the limbs. A gentle muscle work will allow release and open up every single joint to expand it in all directions. The second part will take place on a mat on the floor. we will Keep working on the same principles, increasing the workout, especially focussing on the deeper abdominal and dorsal muscles. GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

please be aware of our early bird special offer for this workshop! you can apply for this offer up until the 24th of march 2024. after the 24th the regular workshop fee applies. applications are accepted up until one day before the workshops starts.

Rossella Canciello, Italian-born and currently based in Berlin, is a choreographer and dancer. Over the years, she has worked with international dance companies and theatres. Since 2000, she has been creating pieces as an independent choreographer and performing them across Europe. In 2006, in collaboration with Luca Canciello (musician and composer), she gave birth to their project, Stepstuned, which is focused on the research of interaction between sound/noise and movement. they have performed their works in several Festivals between Italy and Germany. She collaborates with Susanne Linke, who is involved in different projects and is an assistant for her workshops. She is also taking part in Inner Suspension (an education project). The project is focused on researching and revealing the movement work and body technique of Susanne Linke. As an educator, she teaches contemporary technique, composition, and improvisation. Besides her dancing work, she also teaches the GYROKINESIS® and gyrotonic® methods.



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