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summer main event

research or die.

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b12 summer main event


location: eden***** studios


Camilla Brogaard


Vinyasa yoga

This yoga workshop offers a radical care-practice; a care-full strategy for moving, thinking, feeling, communicating and resting our bodies in a tender world. Whilst honoring the roots of traditional vinyasa yoga, we will re-pattern our bodies towards sustainable alignment, yet simultaneously surrender ourselves to fears of unfamiliar forms or the formless. With a dynamic and heat generating flow of asanas, we will guide our beings through stages of confusion, courage and care. we will work collectively and safely towards releasing worries and bringing forth access to healing.

Camilla is a Danish dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. She honors a deep connection to care-work through her practice as a Reiki Master and she holds a degree in philosophy from Aarhus university in Denmark. In searching for hybridity between her varies commitments, Camilla suspends her current artistic research within a trine of choreography, philosophy and energy therapy; a support-structure developed for the practice of care-full choreography. This practice concerns itself with reading and re-choreographing unsustainable patterns in the energy field of a performing body or a performative space. As a performer, Camilla collaborates regularly with Choreographer Ursina Tossi and visual artist Rachel Monosov. Her previous engagements include collaborations with Punchdrunk, Johannes Wieland, and Theo Clinkard.



to register for this workshop please come to the front desk 30 minutes before the workshop starts

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