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summer | main event

running from the 1st to the 28th of july 2024

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b12 summer main event


location: eden***** studios


sebastian zuber


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fuse it-workshop! gather all you've got! it’s what you already have, and what hides inside of you, that we push to the surface. we take all possible influences from around and inside of us, isolate them, sharpen them, and put them together, in order to create a versatile, musical, humorous, and hot piece of dance. the emphasis is on your individual taste and working together as a community through positivity and hard work. we aim to grow together, not next to each other. we create an environment of trust, in order to be able to improve in what we do. we push, not stress! we work, not suffer! we enjoy, not survive! we dance. we play games to warm up, we use theatrical tasks to let our personal borders fade, we create unique movement material, we dance phrases, and work on different levels of improvisation. i will show you ways to discover, accept, develop, and dance your taste to its fullest. we practise this fusion, isolated and together, by constantly performing. looking forward to burning up that floor with you!

please be aware of our early bird special offer for this workshop! you can apply for this offer up until the 24th of march 2024. after the 24th the regular workshop fee applies. applications are accepted up until one day before the workshops starts.

sebastian zuber was born in basel and graduated from the salzburg experimental academy of dance in 2015. he collaborated with the choreographer eyal bromberg, became a member of the more than naked ensemble, under the directorship of doris uhlich, co-founded the yugsamas movement collective, was commissioned for various productions at the opera zurich, and performed with edivaldo ernesto (a strong influence on sebastians approach to movement) in micro revolution, by judith sanchez ruiz, before he joined the johannes wieland company in 2016. being a part of the company gave him the chance to work with the guest choreographers tom weinberger and helder seabra. his latest appearances on stage were at the states opera bavaria, the susanna leinonen company, and the panorama dance company. as a choreographer and producer, he yielded pieces such as professional failure, lowball, accalia, industrial seagrass and, most recently, shallow waters. furthermore, he launched an ongoing workshop series called quercimovers on the island corsica in 2016. since 2019 he has been commissioned as a choreographer for the drama piece, aggro alan, at staatstheater mainz, under the directorship of alexander nerlich, and the contemporary circus piece, wilt and shine, by florian zumkehr. since 2021 he has been curating and producing guest shows darwintodarwin by johannes wieland, wilt and shine by florian zumkehr, and 42 by the panorama dance company at the new cultural venue walzhalle/muenchenstein.



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