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b12 berlin GmbH / 14129 Berlin / Germany


  1. General


Course registrations must be made via e-mail or using the online registration form at the www.b12.space website.


Registrations are legally binding and non-transferrable.


Applicants accepted through the selection process will be notified and receive confirmation via email. 
Applicants will not be entitled to a place on the course until the course fee has been paid in full. Registrations are processed in order of receipt of the course fee. If the maximum number of participants is reached, or a certain minimum number of participants is not reached, subsequent applicants will not be entitled to participate. Partial participation is not allowed.


Registration is deemed to constitute acceptance by the applicant of the general terms and conditions as well as the house rules of the course venues. In the event that the house rules of a venue contain rules that differ from these general terms and conditions, such house rules shall prevail.

Those parts of the general terms and conditions which are not affected by the house rules remain in effect unchanged.


Entering the dance studios with outdoor shoes is not permitted. Eating is also not permitted in the dance studios. Beverages may only be consumed by workshop participants. Glass bottles are not permitted in the studios. The soles of shoes worn in the dance hall must be abrasion-proof. The costs of repairing damage to dance floors (especially black marks from soles) must be borne by the person who caused such damage.


To ensure an uninterrupted workflow, anyone who has not booked the workshop is not allowed to observe the workshop from within the studios.


  1. Course fee and cancellation by b12 berlin GmbH or the participant


The course fee must be transferred into the bank account shown in the email stated as:


recipient: b12 berlin GmbH

Bank : GLS bank


IBAN: DE64 4306 0967 1323 5183 00

purpose: b12 and the course title.


or via paypal to: info@b12.space


Transfer fees


For all transfers, all participating banks and institutions are charging transfer fees. These transfer fees have to be completely covered by the participant. If a fee is incomplete due to the deduction of transfer fees, the participant must pay the difference.


All refunds, granted and transferred by b12 berlin GmbH, are refunded minus the return transaction fees.




Discounts are granted subject to the terms shown on the website. Retroactive granting of discounts is not possible.


Cancellation by b12 berlin GmbH


b12 berlin GmbH, as the organizer, is entitled to cancel and/or discontinue a course in the case of insufficient participant numbers or due to force majeure. Workshop fees will then be refunded either in full or on a pro-rata basis if a workshop is discontinued after its commencement. In the event that a workshop instructor is not available for the entire or part of the course, the organizer is entitled to provide an equivalent substitute. However, workshop participants are then also entitled to cancel their registration for the replacement workshop against a 100% refund of the workshop fee or the respective fraction. Participants waive any claims against the organizer for refunds of any other costs, such as travel and accommodation costs etc..

Schedule Change or Festival Cancellation


b12 berlin GmbH is responsible for putting every effort into maintaining the original schedule. Due to Force majeure b12 berlin GmbH does not guarantee that the schedule is happening as planned. b12 berlin GmbH cannot compensate for any financial loss from traveling or quarantine or any resulting loss of funds due to circumstances not controllable by b12 berlin GmbH. Any workshop which is taught partially will be reimbursed accordingly.


Canceling workshop by the participant before the workshop has started

Notice of cancellation must be given in writing to be valid. Registrations are binding and the course fee is payable if the participant is invited by the organizer and undertakes to attend. Payment of the complete workshop fee constitutes a binding registration of the participant in the b12 workshop.


The participant can cancel the workshop with a full refund, apart from a 10 Euro administrative fee, if


  • the workshop fee is received more than three weeks before the workshop starts



  • the cancellation notice has been given up to 14 days after the workshop fee has been received.


If the workshop fee is received  three weeks or less before the workshop starts, the cancellation period for a full refund, apart from a 10 Euro administrative fee, is 24 hours.


In any other later case of cancellation, before the workshop commences, a voucher of the amount of the full workshop fee will be available to the participant, apart from a 10 Euro administrative fee.

The voucher will be valid for two years and can be redeemed towards the workshops in any of the b12 festivals. The voucher is a personal voucher inseparably connected to the canceling participant and therefore cannot be transferred to others. It can only be used for a single transaction, cannot be exchanged for money or another type of refund.


Changing workshops by the participant before the workshop has started


Changing workshops are only possible after the confirmation by the organizers. Any single change of workshops until 45 days before the originally booked workshop commences is free of charge. Any single change of workshops made 44 days (or less) before the workshops commences incurs a 15 Euro administrative charge. The administrative charge has to be paid before the workshop commences, otherwise the participant is not allowed to take part in the workshop.

Absence or Discontinuing workshop, injury and sickness by the participant after the workshop has started


If the reason for a cancellation by a participant is injury or sickness during the workshop, and b12 berlin GmbH receives an official doctors certificate stating that the participant is unable to continue to participate, a voucher over the the proportional value of the missing workshop time will be made available. An administrative charge of 10 Euros applies.

If the participant  fails to attend or discontinues participation for other reasons while the workshop has already commenced, no fee is refunded and no voucher is being issued.


Cancel the workshop after the start of the workshop and book a new workshop


The participant agrees that workshops present a flexible working environment and that the way workshops are advertised may differ partially from their actual execution. The participant furthermore agrees that disliking a workshop is not a reason to get refunded. In order to uphold the integrity of the workshops, b12 berlin GmbH does not, in any case, support changing workshops due to any personal dislike of the workshop.



If a participant has participated the first day in a workshop and has other serious reasons for changing to another workshop, the participant must apply for an exemption through the b12 berlin GmbH /b12 festival direction. A claim to a change does not exist.

The participant may then apply for another workshop and may book another workshop if the organizers agree. Changing workshops is possible only after the first day. b12 does not allow switching after the second workshop day.


In the exceptional case that the participant is granted to change workshops after the first day, the participant gets a voucher for 50% of the proportional value of the remaining days. There will be no monetary refund for partial participation or remaining workshop days. Workshops that have already commenced, cannot be joined. This voucher is valid for two years and can be used towards any workshop in any of the upcoming b12 festivals, including the festival in progress, if the festival organizers agree to the chosen workshop.

booked workshops are never transferable to another person. The workshops can only be taken by the person who originally booked and was accepted by the organizers of b12 to the workshops.

Double bookings by b12 berlin GmbH and the participant


b12 berlin GmbH and the participants are in equal parts responsible for ensuring that no workshops are booked which are overlapping and completely or partially happening at the same time.


In the event of such, b12 berlin GmbH allows the participant to change to another third workshop, without any extra fee. If this change, for whatever reason is not possible, b12 berlin GmbH grants the participant 50% of the original workshop fee.

  1. Liability


Participants generally attend all workshop events at their own risk. In the event that medical circumstances are known which would constitute a risk for the participant or others, participation in the relevant units is expressly forbidden. The organizer reserves the right to permanently exclude from the workshop any participants who fail to abide by the house rules and/or who deliberately disturb lessons in any other manner. Workshop fees will not be refunded.

The organizer does not assume any liability for damage, injury or loss. Insurance is not included. The organizer's liability for any disadvantages resulting therefrom is excluded.

No accident or health insurance exists for participants during the course or any excursions performed within the scope of the course. b12 berlin GmbH does not assume any liability for loss of objects of any kind whatsoever. Explanations and information given by the instructors only serve the direct purpose of performing the workshop or event in question and cannot be construed to support any liability claims. If the instructions seem to be too risky for a participant, physically or emotionally, they are not obliged to execute them.

In the event of a disturbance or accident, course participants are obliged to take all reasonable measures in order to contribute towards the elimination of such damage or disturbance. The organizer's liability is limited to gross negligence and intent.




In case of a pandemic, workshops, performances and any presentations involving more than one person in a room may have to be held with measurements given by b12 berlin GmbH. These rules are rooted in governmental or institutional measurements. b12 berlin GmbH and Participants have to follow them at any given time, whether these restrictions are known before or during the workshops, performances, lectures, etc.


Traveling and Quarantine


Participant is responsible to follow quarantine rules for safety reasons or because of crossing borders if needed. Measures and rules implemented by governments, states, districts, travel companies, institutions, and b12 berlin GmbH may change due to the pandemic, before and during the festival and before and during the Participant’s travel.

  1. Data protection


E-mails, documents, forms and applications etc are currently transmitted without using any elaborate encryption systems. There is hence a risk that
 information sent can be viewed by third parties. Therefore please do not send any passwords, credit card numbers or similar information which you wish to protect. Any data will be handled and processed within the scope of the applicable data protection laws. According to section 33 (1) of the German Data Protection Act [§ 33 Abs. 1 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz], you are hereby informed that your personal data will be stored in machine-readable form. The data will not be passed on to any third party. The disclosure of contact data of our participants, lecturers, assistants, etc. is prohibited under data protection law.

  1. Photo and video recordings


During the workshop days, b12 berlin GmbH records photo and video material for PR purposes. Such recordings are made by a professional photo and film crew. The material is used without the disclosure of any personal data. By registering, the participant consents to this. The participant cannot claim access to the film and photo material recorded.

b12 berlin GmbH reserves the right to make an edited video and photo material of the performance projects available to all people involved in the performance (including choreographers, dancers, and assistants), and downloadable workshop images from the website, under the following conditions:

Any video and/or photo material that is made public by them in any way must be credited with the following wording: the respective title of the piece, the choreographer, the year of the festival/premiere, and the videographer's/photographer's name has to be filled in.

“....”(the title of the piece which has been created) has been created by “....” (name of the choreographer) and presented at the b12 festival in berlin “....” (year of the festival). Video:“....” / Photo “....” (videographer's/photographer's name)

All material must be used as provided by b12 berlin GmbH i.G.. It is forbidden to alter and/or change the content in any way, as well as sharing the files with unauthorized third parties (including people and institutions) without written permission by b12 berlin GmbH.

Taking photographs and recording videos from unauthorized Individuals are not permitted during lessons. Exceptions are subject to agreement with the organizer. Exceptions are granted for the media, TV, etc. Any use of images, text, or other content without written permission is expressly forbidden. Non-compliance will be subject to criminal prosecution and civil claims.

  1. Validity and jurisdiction


These general terms and conditions come into effect on December 15th, 2023.
 The place of jurisdiction for b12 berlin GmbH as the organizer of the b12 festiavals is Berlin, Germany.


  1. Partial invalidity

In the event that any one or more of the provisions of these general terms and conditions are or become legally invalid as a whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. Any such invalid provision shall be retroactively replaced with a provision whose contents shall be as identical as possible, and which reflects the purpose of these general terms and conditions to the maximum extent possible.


Oral side agreements are not valid unless accepted in writing by the management of b12 berlin GmbH. The validity of the general terms and conditions in their entirety remains unaffected.


The original version of these general terms and conditions were prepared in German. A translation, if any, shall solely serve as a convenience translation for the parties. In the event of any conflict between the German and English versions hereof, the German version shall prevail.

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